Choosing the Best Sea Foam Fuel Additive for Your Engine

During the last 80 years, Sea Foam has developed a reputation as a leader in engine fuel and fluid treatments, lubricants, and other specialty products.

It was one product, though, that over the decades became synonymous with Sea Foam and helped to build our reputation more than any other: Sea Foam Motor Treatment. From carb and injector cleaning to lubrication to fuel stabilization (and more)—Motor Treatment continues to benefit a wide range of engines in many ways.

As well as Motor Treatment works, we knew we could build upon the formula to address issues more specific to engine condition and type. After all, engines have gone through a tremendous evolution since Sea Foam’s start back in 1942, and our products have evolved to meet our customers’ changing needs.    

Sea Foam Motor Treatment is still the best answer for many applications, but we’ve come up with new formulas that might be better suited to your application. HIGH MILEAGE Motor Treatment, for example, is designed specifically for engines with over 75,000 miles. Marine PRO is formulated to address the specific conditions and demands placed on those engines.

To help you decide which Sea Foam product works best for your application, we put together the chart below. If you still have questions, send a note to Ask Jim. We’re happy to help, and to keep Sea Foam working for you!  

For any combustion engine YESGAS ONLYGAS ONLYGAS ONLY
Cleans fuel injectors YESYESYESYES
Cleans carburetorsYESYESYESNO
Cleans upper engine areas YESYESYESNO
Cleans oil crankcaseYESYESYESNO
For diesel fuel systems YESNONONO
Fuel stabilizerYESYESYESNO
Adds lubricationYESYESYESYES
Corrosion protectionYESYESYESNO
Best use for this productALL ENGINESHIGH MILEAGE

Which product should I get?

Sea Foam Motor Treatment

Sea Foam Motor Treatment has been the #1 selling complete fuel system additive ever since the automotive industry started keeping track. It can be used safely in ANY gasoline or diesel engine. Made from 100% petroleum ingredients, it always works great in both fuel and oil systems to help engines start easier, run cleaner, and work better. Millions of people use it every day in everything from mowers to cars and trucks to even the biggest diesel farm tractors.

High Mileage

If you’re one of the 65% of Sea Foam users who drive vehicles with more than 100,000 miles, you’re going to love High Mileage. High Mileage is the best Sea Foam fuel treatment for higher mileage engines. The can says use it for vehicles over 75,000 miles because that’s a great time to start preventing the common causes of oil burning. We created High Mileage to clean stubborn deposits from critical engine areas after years of harmful buildup. If you want to help a higher mileage engine last longer, use Sea Foam High Mileage regularly in fuel and oil.

Marine PRO

We recommend adding Marine PRO in every tank of boat fuel. Unlike cars and trucks, most boats are much more likely to go for longer periods of time without fresh fuel replenishment. Marine PRO is always working to clean and protect fuel systems and engine parts. It’s specially formulated to help prevent and overcome the issues that marine engine owners deal with the most – like hard starting, rough idle, fuel degradation, premature engine wear, and corrosion. Marine PRO does not contain alcohol. 


Sea Foam IC5 Fuel Injector Cleaner was made specifically to restore injector spray patterns and clean fuel injectors. Be sure to understand that IC5 Does NOT have the same ingredients or characteristics as Sea Foam Motor Treatment. While it doesn’t have the range of benefits that Sea Foam Motor Treatment does, it’s safe to combine with other Sea Foam treatments for some extra cleaning punch. IC5 works great to maintain fuel economy and restore lost power. 

A note about Isopropyl Alcohol: 

Isopropyl alcohol (derived from petroleum) is very well-known for its ability to effectively solubilize water in fuel. Additionally, isopropyl is an excellent fuel residue cleaner. Unlike ethyl alcohol (derived from grain), isopropyl is not corrosive and does not have the same ability to draw moisture from the atmosphere. While there’s often confusion about the different types of alcohol and how they work in a fuel additive, isopropyl is a safe and effective petroleum-based ingredient. In any case, some Sea Foam products include a small amount of isopropyl and some do not.