Deep Creep Plus Heat for the Most Stubborn Bolts

Sea Foam Deep Creep is already effective at penetrating rusty threads to ease bolt and nut removal. But what do you do when even penetrating oil cannot help break it free?

When it doesn’t come loose, the next step for getting stubborn fasteners loose is to apply heat with a torch. This is a big concern if you’ve already soaked the area with a normal penetrating oil, as it is likely to immediately catch fire. Not with Deep Creep!

A huge advantage Deep Creep has over other penetrating oils is that you can use a propane torch without fear of lighting the area on fire, as it is more stable in high temperatures.


To get maximum rust penetration using heat with Deep Creep, first ensure there are no flammable materials around the area you’re heating. Light your propane torch, make adjustments as needed, and gently heat up the rusted bolt or nut. This process works best when it is hot, but not to the point that it is glowing red. Only heat for about a minute before turning off the torch and getting your can of Deep Creep.

Spray directly on the surface you need the oil to penetrate, and allow it to work into the threads for a few minutes. The heat will allow the oil to be even more effective by partially breaking the rust, as well as creating slightly larger paths for the oil to work its way in further.

Depending on the application, you may want to start working the seized part while it is still hot. If you decide to do so, make sure to be extremely careful as other areas you don’t expect to be hot may be very hot. If you get some movement now, adding a little more Deep Creep while working the fastener back and forth will help break any residual material and get that stubborn fastener loose!

DEEP CREEP works fast to free the most stubborn rusted bolts and parts.

Deep Creep quickly cuts through rust and buildup of all kinds to loosen, lubricate, and protect parts and mechanisms. It works fast to break metal surface tension while resisting evaporation and extreme heat.