Video: Renee – A Handcrafted Custom Motorcycle

Sea Foam helped me restore the once tired and neglected engine and, in turn, gave the bike a renewed heart and soul. These carbs are notorious for their small passageways and orifices clogging from build up. Once they were rebuilt and had a trip through an ultrasonic cleaner, the first tank of gas they saw had a healthy dose of Sea Foam. The 30 year old engine benefited as well, as Sea Foam has helped the engine maintain healthy compression and has kept it running strong. Since running Sea Foam in that initial tank, and continuing to use Sea Foam on a regular basis, the engine has remained healthy and carbs clean inside and out.


Renee started as a 1981 Honda CB750, she barely ran, had rust throughout, tires dry-rotted, leaking fluids, etc, etc (there’s a picture of the original bike at the end of the video). I removed and striped down everything to bare frame. I removed all of the rear suspension and other misc mounts (kickstand, foot pegs, exhaust brackets, horn mount, etc) so the only thing left was the neck and the engine mounts….a clean slate.

I replaced the rear suspension with a rigid rear section and this would also lowered the stance 4″ overall.

The engine had a complete top end overhaul and all rubber bits and gaskets replaced. Carbs were overhauled as well. 

Front suspension is a 2 under springer front end, I had to machine custom neck bearings to mate the Harley springer to the Honda neck.

Gas tank is what was originally on the bike…slightly modified. I made new mounts to allow it to sit lower. I also formed and welded new sheet metal to the top of tank, this allowed me to cut a new fill hole higher up on the tank. 

The gas cap is machined from a solid piece of 3″ diameter aluminum bar stock. 

The handlebars are custom made from DOM tubing.

The handlebar risers (connects the handlebars to the springer front end) are machined from 1.5″ diameter aluminum bar stock.

Seat is from baltic birch plywood formed and laminated, laser engraved top, hand sanded, stained and sealed.

The electronics box is an old vintage ice cream maker, modified to house all the wires and electrical, it also features a push button starter from a 1940s era Ford or Mercury I’m told.

Rear will is a 200mm to compliment the wide 4 cylinder engine. It’s a 16″ x 5.5″ Harley rim so I had to make custom spokes to mate it to the Honda hub.

To fit the rear tire I also had to make an offset drive sprocket which was cut using Wire EDM and TIG welded.

Other made-from-scratch pieces: battery box, kick stand, headlight mount, taillight mount, license plate bracket, rear fender, rear fender mounts.

The only thing that remained stock is was the neck and engine mounts on the frame, the engine/carbs were overhauled, and everything else was made from scratch or at least custom fitted.

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