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December 2013


Sea Foam Makes People’s Lives Easier; Story to be Told on Angling Edge TV

Sea Foam Motor Treatment has been cleaning and lubricating auto and marine engines and protecting fuel by stabilizing and controlling moisture for over 70 years.  Now, the Sea Foam story will be told on the popular Angling Edge and Fishing Edge TV shows.

Mark Hanson, president of Sea Foam Sales Company in Eden Prairie, MN, said, “Those who know about Sea Foam tell us everyday how amazing it is.  Others want to know what it is.  Those are the people we intend to reach with Angling Edge and Fishing Edge TV.”  Angling Edge is now in its 11th year teaching America how to fish with Al Lindner, an award-winning TV show host and Fishing Hall of Famer.

Jeremy Smith, Lindner Media sales and media director said, “Angling Edge is one of the top-rated fishing shows on TV.  In 2014, it airs on Pursuit Channel, WFN, Fox Sports North – Ohio – Midwest – Detroit – and South, as well as numerous inspirational and other cable networks.”  Fishing Edge, another Lindner-produced TV program, features an in-depth look at a single fishing subject each week.  It airs exclusively on the Outdoor Channel.  Smith said, “The Lindners have a long history of working solely with products they believe in, and we believe in Sea Foam to maintain and keep our engines running like new.”

“The Lindner audience has a high-cylinder index and they use lots of fuel.  They depend on their motors,” said Hanson, “Sea Foam will make their lives easier.”  In addition to TV advertising, Lindner Media will create retail videos, social media and web programming to educate outdoorsmen about Sea Foam.  “Once people use it, they recognize the difference in their engines and become ambassadors,” he said.

Sea Foam has been researched, tested and used under all conditions in two and four stroke gas and diesel engines, from weed wackers to outboards and big trucks to ATVs and snowmobiles to chain saws and autos to leaf blowers and more.  Hanson said, “Sea Foam does four things exceedingly well.  It melts varnish, adds lubrication, stabilizes fuel and controls moisture.”

Sea Foam was originally invented for outboards in the late 1930s and 1940s, hence the name.  “Carburetors were getting gummed and varnished, and the Sea Foam blend solved these issues,” Hanson said.  In the very early years, it was sold directly to consumers in beer bottles and mason jars, but with auto and marine retailers handling it, the containers evolved to their popular shape, graphics and colors that are widely distributed today.

Using Sea Foam to treat fuel really helps tools like chain saws that are not used often and outboards stored over winter.  “Customers should add Sea Foam right away to every tank,” Hanson said.  Sea Foam stabilizes fuel for up to two years and emulsifies condensation that can build up in gas tanks, causing the water molecules to pass safely through the engine as vaporized “bits” and out the tailpipe.  “Boaters especially need to control the moisture that may occur in their tanks,” Hanson said.  Engines run cooler with Sea Foam, and testing proves that they last longer as a result.

As Sea Foam runs through an internal combustion system, it melts the varnish which collects on the back of intake valves, rings, lifters and the tops of pistons.  Carbon deposits build up on varnish, causing piston scoring, valves to stick, and rough idle among other issues.  “If customers prevent varnish from building-up, carbon will go out the exhaust,” he said.

Jeremy Smith and most of the Lindner Media team have been using Sea Foam for years, but they were really impressed when Hanson quickly resurrected a chain saw.  “One of the guys brought in a chain saw that hadn’t run in 10 years. Sea Foam was sprayed in the carburetor, some was poured in the fresh gas, and after a few pulls, it was running.  The varnish and carbon burned and smoked for a minute.  After the Sea Foam treatment, it started easily, idled fine and ran like new at top end.  Amazing!” Smith said.

Angling Edge and Fishing Edge TV viewers will learn the history and reasons to use Sea Foam.  The Lindner goal is the same as that of Sea Foam – Make people’s lives easier.

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