Video: Watch the Sea Foam ‘Burn Test’ – Lubricity matters!

Check out this video where Jeremy from Lindner Media and Brian from Sea Foam demonstrate a ‘burn test’ on Sea Foam Motor Treatment.  The burn test shows that there’s more in a can of  Sea Foam than cleaning fuel systems and stabilizing fuel – It’s a lot about lubricating engine pistons chambers for long-term wear and protection – Sea Foam’s ingredients include a high-temp petroleum oil that lubricates upper cylinders all the way through the exhaust stroke!

Video Features:

  • Burn Test demonstration – Sea Foam is more than just an excellent fuel stabilizer and engine cleaner
  • Value of a highly quality petroleum solvent and lubricant
  • Advantages of highly-refined petroleum ingredients vs. harsh chemical and detergent-based additives

Remember:  Engines that Start Easier, Run Cleaner, and Run Smoother will Last Longer!