How to get my JD X325 tractor to start in cold weather [SOLVED]

I have a Kawasaki engine in the JD X325 tractor I use to cut grass and blow snow in the winter. After 10 years I am starting to experience engine problems in the extreme cold weather. The starter even froze, making it impossible for me to start until it warmed up. The engine starts up fine but after some time blowing snow it starts to cough, sputter, lose power, with noticeable black smoke coming from the exhaust. Sometimes it clears itself for a short time, then acts up again. It backfires too. I only use super gasoline in the engine and replaced the spark plugs at the beginning of the season, so I tried gas line antifreeze and the problem continues. Would Sea Foam help my problem? I always use fresh gas no more then a month old at most.


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Jim D.
Jim D.
4 years ago

Thanks for the description and question Lorenzo! Yes, Sea Foam is a good start to diagnose or overcome your problem. If your fuel filter is clean and your ignition components have checked out, Sea Foam can help determine if you have a fuel restriction. Consider that most carburetor problems are caused by fuel varnish and Sea Foam quickly liquefies gum and varnish that forms in carburetor circuits. Try this: With a very low tank of fuel (less than a gallon), add a full can of Sea Foam…start the engine and let it idle for at least 5 minutes to draw the Sea Foam concentration through the carburetor circuits…then shut off the engine to let things soak at least overnight (2 to 3 days is better). After the long sit & soak, add a gallon of fresh fuel and start the engine…after letting it idle for 5 minutes, take the tractor for a ride at higher throttle. After running under load for several minutes you should be noticing an improvement in idle and power/response. Keep in mind that you still have a lot of Sea Foam in your tank that will continue working to clean and lubricate the fuel system as you run the engine.

For extreme cold temps: Adding a 12 ounce bottle of isopropyl alcohol (the products sold at parts stores) to your winter tank fills will not allow freezing and will help with cold weather ignition vapor. Isopropyl is also safe to use and a great cleaning ingredient for gas engines. It mixes nicely with gasoline and Sea Foam and will disburse evenly through the fluid fuel phase.