Event/Donation Requests



Sea Foam Sales Company provides goodie bag and giveaway items for grassroots level organizations and events that promote Sea Foam product awareness to their members, website audiences, and event attendees. Common requests are from organizations/ clubs/ events related to: motor shows, parts store grand openings, fishing, and outdoor recreation, motorsports, use of combustion engines of all types.


Organizations, Clubs, Associations, Parts Stores or Events deemed by Sea Foam Sales Company to share member or participant interest that is consistent with application of the Sea Foam product line.


Qualification and level of support is determined by review of submitted forms.

Please do NOT use this form for promotional solicitation. This form should NOT be used to offer advertising or to request sponsorship. This offer should not be represented as sponsorship.


Submissions must occur not less than 60 days prior to event date.  Please do NOT submit post office box as mail-to address.


Participant Count is intended for the people entered as event participants, not attendance or spectators.


Each year Sea Foam approves a limited amount of requests. Submissions will open in January 2020, then close when the limit is filled. UPDATE on January 14, 2022: Entries for 2022 are now full. The events submission form will be re-activated (for 2023 events) later this year.


Incomplete or inaccurate entries will not be accepted. Expect arrival of items within two weeks of the event date or sooner. Please do not expect any confirmation correspondence from Sea Foam. A compliant entry is all we need. Thank you for letting us be part of your event!

By submitting this form you are granting Sea Foam Sales Company permission to send email correspondence.