the easy way to Restore shine and protect your vehicle’s finish

Enhanced water-beading ability
without removing wax
Helps protect vehicle’s paint from
UV damage
Helps prevent mud, bugs, and tar
from sticking to paint
Safe on clear coat, painted surfaces,
chrome, and glass

A total exterior vehicle finishing spray and protectant. Quickly restores shine without streaking and protects paint and clear coat.

Shiny and smooth finish
It gives vehicle surfaces a smooth glossy finish.
Safe and easy to use
It offers enhanced water-beading ability without removing wax. Safe on clear coat, painted surfaces, chrome, and glass.
Long-lasting protection
It helps protect vehicle surfaces from premature color damage caused by ultraviolet light (UV).

The easy way to restore shine and protect your vehicle’s finish

Quickly shine
without streaking
Enhances water-beading
ability without removing wax
Helps protect vehicle surfaces from UV light
Helps prevent mud, bugs & tar from sticking to paint
Safe on clear coat, painted surfaces, chrome & glass


Use FINISH EXTERIOR FAST to add a long-lasting protective shine to all exterior vehicle surfaces.

simple and
easy to use

Just spray and wipe away.

Simply spray and wipe away to add a long-lasting finish.

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“So I had this the other day and tried it this morning. After washing my car, I sprayed this all over my car and use a fiber cloth and spread the product all over my car. It says, to use it not in direct sunlight and since I have no garage, the sun was hiding the whole day and I might say, this works great. In the afternoon, I went to the grocery and to my disappointment, it rained a bit so when I get back home, I just try to dry my car with a micro fiber cloth and wow! it looks like nothing happens, no spot of water! This is amazing! Highly recommended.”
ernest0504 / CAR / MYRTYLE BEACH
“This is a great product and works fast as the product name implies. It is very easy to use. After washing my car I tried this instead of reapplying wax. This product has a sweet fragrance that smells very good. The product is blue and milky looking in the spray bottle. It is very light and watery and sprays on easily on and dries quickly and wipes off smoothly with much less effort than waxing. It is much less time consuming than wax. It quickly put a gloss and shine on the paint and it does instantly provide protection. I tested it with water after one light coat and it did bead very well. You can use this as much as you want but you really only need one coat. My car looked really nice after using this – the car had a nice shine and gloss coat. I have plenty of product to use for many more uses.”
“I just finished using Seafoam Finish Fast for the first time and am really impressed. I used it on my motorcycle and nearvously started with the faring to see how well it would work. I don’t typiucally use prducts like this so I was a bit hesitant. The instructions were clear and easy: just make sure the paint is clean, spray it on, rub it in with a microfiber towel, then wipe it dry. It sprayed on nicely (didn’t drift onto unintended areas) and it wiped on easily. It required a light touch, was super-quick, and the result is fantastic! My motorcycle is only a couple years old and I had no idea that the paint could shine as nicely as it does now.!”
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