Sea Foam Official Video: How to clean a boat engine’s top end with Sea Foam Motor Treatment – filter change method

Brian from Sea Foam shows how to clean the top end of a boat engine and replace the fuel filter at the same time.

Most marine engine manufacturers recommend replacing fuel filters every year.  Here’s a way to replace those new filters with a twist:

Before attaching the new filter, pour Sea Foam into the filter to deliver a high concentration of Sea Foam to the injectors or carburetors, pistons and chamber.  Also a quick and effective remedy when troubleshooting or overcoming hard starts, rough idles, hesitation and loss of engine power.

Video features:

  • adding a cleaning dosage of Sea Foam to the fuel tank
  • removing old filter
  • pouring Sea Foam into the new filter
  • complete hot soak procedure

Just watch – This is a safe and easy to follow system for cleaning any marine engine that uses a fuel filter or combination separator that holds fuel!