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Dirty Fuel Injectors

Stop Fuel Injector Fouling

It’s been more than three decades now since fuel injection systems hit the automotive scene in force, becoming the standard method of fuel delivery on just about every car and truck in the U.S. Carburetors, which held the job for nearly a century, were retired from the mainstream and relegated to custom and classic applications….

Fleet Farm Exterior

Sea Foam and Fleet Farm Partner for Boat Giveaway

The Upper Midwest is boating country. Perhaps nobody knows that better than angling legend and Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame member Al Lindner, who calls Minnesota home.  “The fact of the matter is that the Upper Midwest has the best multi-species freshwater fishing opportunities in the world,” Lindner says.  Also a passionate Sea Foam ambassador,…

Chainsaw cutting into tree

Make Your Chainsaw Last

Avoid these common maintenance mistakes to ensure a long and useful life for your chainsaw. After 20 years at the helm of power equipment sales and service business Minneapolis Saw, Jeff Englar has seen pretty much everything that can go wrong with a chainsaw.  Though Minneapolis Saw also sells and services lawnmowers, tillers, leaf blowers,…