Sea Foam Official video: Outboard cleaning and storage, ‘Can and Hose’ method

‘Can & Hose’ to the rescue! 

Using the ‘Can & Hose’ method is an easy and cost-effective way to deliver a high cleaning concentration of Sea Foam Motor Treatment to an outboard’s intake and upper engine areas.  It works fast and effective to:

  • clean hydrocarbon residues from fuel injector passageways and carburetor circuits (needles, jets, bowls, nozzles),
  • clean and lubricate upper intake areas, intake valves on 4-strokes, chamber areas and compression rings,
  • deliver a higher volume of protective lubrication to intake and chamber areas when storing engines


Works great to help overcome:

  • hard starts,
  • rough idle,
  • stalls,
  • restore acceleration and lost power,
  • gummed-up carburetors and fuel injectors,
  • intake and chamber residues and deposits,
  • rescue an outboard from tank fuel that’s degraded/old or water-contaminated


The ‘Can & Hose’ System

All you need is:

  • a small gasoline can with fresh fuel,
  • one pint of Sea Foam Motor Treatment,
  • water source/flush device (for marine applications),
  • a short section (24″) of matching diameter fuel line (1/4″, 3/8″, or 5/8″) you can buy from a parts store or marine dealer



For high-concentration intake and upper engine cleaning and/or seasonal engine storage, mix 1 part Sea Foam to 2 parts fresh fuel in a small fuel can.  

Note: Less than one can of Sea Foam is providing the same cleaning ratio as adding 40 cans of Sea Foam to 10 gallons of fuel for a small fraction of the cost.

  1. With a water cooling source circulating through the engine’s water inlet (always while running), start and run the engine for 5 minutes to heat the intake.
  2. Disconnect the main fuel line (upstream) from the primer bulb, then attach the short section of hose.
  3. Insert the open end of the hose section into the Sea Foam and fuel mixture.
  4. Start the engine and run for 15 minutes.
  5. Shut off the engine for 5 minutes to all the Sea Foam mixture to ‘hot soak’ in the chambers.
  6. Start the engine and run for 5 minutes to burn off the dissolved hydrocarbon residues.
  7. After running, shut off the engine and reconnect your main fuel line – all done!  Pour the remaining can mixture in the tank or use for other engines. 1 pint of Sea Foam mixed with 2 pints of fuel will treat several outboards.

If you’re preparing the upper engine for seasonal storage, Sea Foam will help to lubricate and help protect the intake and chamber areas during the storage season. For an added measure of lubrication, pull the spark plugs and spray a 3-second burst of Sea Foam Spray into each cylinder cavity.  It’s that simple!


Sea Foam Motor Treatment is made from highly-refined organic petroleum cleaning and lubricating oils, is safe on all fuel system/engine parts and components, and can be mixed as high as 50% with gasoline.  The ‘Can & Hose’ system also works great for RV generators!  You can always find more helpful ideas at Sea Foam Official (Youtube channel) and our website’s HOW 2 Instructions page.   #SeaFoamWorks