Sea Foam Official Video: How to remove road bugs with Bugs B Gone!

Jeremy Smith from Lindner Media Productions shares his fast and easy system for cleaning road bugs from his truck with Bugs B Gone.

Watch Jeremy cover the 4 Essential Steps: Cool Surface – Spray – Soak – Wipe Away with Water!

  1. Only apply Bugs B Gone when the vehicle surface is cool and out of hot/direct sunlight.  Under shade, night driving, or cloudy days are ideal.
  2. When stopping to refuel your tank, spray Bugs B Gone wherever road bugs are attached.  Bugs B Gone is safe on all vehicle surfaces including chrome and glass.
  3. Allow Bugs B Gone to soak while filling your tank.  Bugs B Gone works as a surfactant to release the bonding effect of organic residues.  Allow at least 2 minutes for Bugs B Gone to break down and release the organic bug material bond from the vehicle surface.
  4. When ready, wipe away bug residues using a squeegee tool or a wet cloth or towel.  Bugs B Gone is water activated.

Be sure to watch the video and see Jeremy’s system in action!