Why your car needs a high mileage fuel system cleaner

man working on car engine

Cars are an investment, and in order to get the most out of that investment, we need to do everything we can to ensure a longer life for our vehicles. In most cases, that longer life begins and ends with the engine.

Without frequent and proper care, your car’s engine can quickly gather oil crankcase residue and fuel system buildup that will cause long-term stress and premature wear. This is especially true as your car’s miles start to climb toward six figures. Once you get into the 75,000+ mile range, extra care must be taken in order to clean and lubricate the engine and fuel system to promote a longer life.

Here are some of the main reasons your car’s engine needs a high mileage engine treatment.

Clean fuel injectors

On a daily basis, our vehicle’s fuel injectors perform the vital task of fuel metering, in which they spray small and precise amounts of fuel into the combustion chamber one spray at a time. However, unburned fuel from even the highest-quality gasoline can lead to varnish and carbon deposits that cause engine performance issues.

These impairments also negatively impact flow rate and spray pattern, which in turn can lead to fouled injectors. Extreme fouling of fuel injectors can cause rough engine performance and costly repairs.

Prevent oil burning

If you’ve ever seen blueish smoke coming out of your car’s tailpipe, you’ve seen firsthand the most common indicator of oil burning. This occurs when oil enters the engine’s combustion chambers and is burned with the fuel-air mixture. Oil burning is more common in high-mileage vehicles, but it can also happen if you’ve been neglecting your engine for an extended period.

Utilizing the right engine treatment prevents oil burning by removing harmful oil residues and deposits that can restrict oil flow. Additionally, oil that ends up in the upper engine will form harmful carbon deposits in the chamber areas.

Reduce long-term engine wear

By cleaning fuel injectors and preventing oil burning, engine treatments work to promote a longer effective life for our engines. A fuel treatment with lubricating capabilities also works to reduce premature wear of cylinders and rings.

Improve gas mileage

A fuel system cleaner eliminates harmful residues and deposits in the fuel system, allowing the engine to work more efficiently and reducing fuel consumption. Regular use of a high mileage engine treatment prevents rough engine performance overall and promotes smoother operation over the life of the engine.

Run better for longer with Sea Foam High Mileage

Sea Foam High Mileage is a specially formulated fuel system cleaner designed to help cars and trucks over 75,000 miles run better for longer. High Mileage works in fuel and oil systems to clean and lubricate critical engine areas, and is safe to use in all gasoline fuels and all types of motor oil.

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For use in fuel

Pouring High Mileage directly into your fuel tank cleans and lubricates the entire fuel system. For regular fuel system maintenance, add one ounce per gallon. For more intensive cleaning, add two ounces or more per gallon.

For use in oil

Add one ounce per quart of oil in the crankcase by pouring High Mileage directly in to the engine crankcase. Be sure you do not exceed one treatment in the oil system per oil change interval.

For best results, we recommend adding High Mileage to your fuel tank every time you gas up. For oil, adding to the crankcase 100 to 300 miles before every oil change will have the best effect.

Sea Foam creates safe and effective products to help vehicles, engines, and equipment run cleaner and last longer. Whether you’re a mechanic, a vehicle enthusiast, or you simply depend on your engine, Sea Foam products are proven to work and keep everything running its best.

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