Helps fluid systems work smoother & last longer
Helps restore shift quality
cleans sticky varnish from valve bodies & shift solenoids
dissolves harmful deposits
compatible with all conventional & synthetic petroleum & mineral-based automatic transmission fluids


use to help overcome or diagnose rough shifting or transmission slips, or use as a pre-flush cleaner.
when adding before a fluid change, drive at least 30 miles to circulate and clean before replacing fluid.
excellent fluid cleaner and conditioner. can add to new fluid and leave in system for the entire fluid interval.
do not exceed one treatment per fluid interval.


1. with transmission at operating temperature, check the fluid level to make sure the fluid volume does not exceed the manufacturer’s recommendation
2. Add one pint (16 oz.) of TRANS TUNE to the transmission filler
if using as a pre-flush cleaner befor a fluid change, drive at least 30 miles before changing fluid
if using as a cleaner or conditioner, leave trans tune in the transmission fluid for the life of the fluid interval


Every petroleum fluid system is prone to erratic and rough performance caused by gum, varnish, and moisture. Trans Tune works fast to dissolve harmful deposits and control the moisture that impairs fluid systems.

Trans Tune will help restore shift quality by cleaning sticky varnish from valve bodies and shift solenoids. Trans Tune is compatible with all conventional and synthetic petroleum and mineral-based automatic transmission fluids.

Trans Tune only contains petroleum-based ingredients and will NOT harm your fluid systems. Help your transmission shift smoother and last longer!

HOW TO USE trans tune in automatic transmission fluid

Most automatic transmission shifting problems are caused by sticky varnish residues that form in old fluid. Sea Foam’s Trans Tune works fast to reliquefy varnish deposits from valve bodies, solenoids and shift actuators. Try adding a can of Trans Tune to your fluid filler – super easy! It also works great as a fluid cleaner and conditioner, or as a pre-flush cleaner.


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