Helps fluid systems work smoother & last longer
Helps Smooth out hard steering & quiet a noisy steering pump
DISSOLVES & cleans sticky varnish
Cleans & conditions system parts
Helps control moisture that impairs fluid systems


Add 4 to 6 ounces of TRANS TUNE to steering fluid reservoir to condition fluid, clean sticky pressure valves, gears and pumps.
When flushing power steering systems or replacing a rack and pinion, follow the manufacturer’s procedure.
Always flush power steering fluid at recommended service intervals.
do not exceed one treatment per fluid interval.


Trans Tune will help smooth out hard steering and quiet a noisy steering pump. Trans Tune is safe for use in all petroleum-based power steering fluid systems and does NOT contain harsh detergent or abrasive chemicals that can harm your fluid system.

As a fluid pre-flush and full system flush treatment, Trans Tune will dissolve and clean sticky varnish residues from power steering systems. Always follow manufacturer’s instructions when flushing a steering system.

As a fluid conditioner, add Trans Tune to the steering fluid reservoir to clean and condition system parts for the life of the fluid. Trans Tune can be used to overcome hard steering and noisy steering pumps caused by varnish deposits in pumps, gears and pressure valves.

Every petroleum fluid system is prone to erratic and rough performance caused by gum, varnish, and moisture. Trans Tune works fast to dissolve harmful deposits and control the moisture that impairs fluid systems. Help your fluid system work better and last longer!

HOW TO USE trans tune

Trans Tune works quick to overcome hard steering or noisy steering pumps caused by sticky varnish buildup. It is also very effective as a pre-flush cleaner when replacing old power steering fluid or when replacing a rack and pinion, steering pump or gear assembly.

Try adding a can of Trans Tune to your fluid filler – super easy!


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