Added too much Sea Foam to the oil [SOLVED]

I used a full 16 oz can of Sea Foam Motor Treatment to the oil crankcase of a Toyota Prius. Is that too much?

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Jim D.
1 year ago

Hi Brendan,

We recommend adding 1 ounce of Sea Foam per quart of oil. Assuming you have a 4.5 quart crankcase capacity, 16 ounces in the oil is too much.

Here’s what you can do. Either:

1) change the oil.

2) Drain 3 quarts of oil and replace those 3 quarts with fresh oil. That will bring it to a proper ratio.

1 year ago

I wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing, it was cold and dark, and poured the entire can into the crankcase of our Audi A4. It started ok but started to shudder and struggle after about 100 feet. I found a parking lot about 150 yards out to park and call a tow truck to take us home. I’m changing the oil and filter today. How bad is it ?