Adding multiple cans of High Mileage to clean gas tank [SOLVED]

1948 Plymouth Deluxe Special been sitting for 15 years. Gas tank smells, but I’ve drained the gas. Can I put multiple cans of this in there?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
2 years ago

Good question! Yes, you can add more than one can, up to a 50/50 mix of Sea Foam to fuel.

I’d add a can or two of Sea Foam High Mileage to a low tank of fresh fuel (2-4 gallons or less) and drive it until almost empty. Using a high concentration is a great way to clean up any gum/varnish/deposits. Then, add another can or two the next time you fill up. It will continue to reliquefy the remaining residue in the fuel tank and system as you drive.

Hope that helps!