Adding Sea Foam to year-old boat gas [SOLVED]

Hi. I just purchased a used boat. I was told the gas was about a year old. The gas has been mixed with two cycle oil. Would it be a good idea to add Sea Foam to the tank? Going forward I would mix gas with oil and add Sea Foam?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
1 year ago

Hi Bruce. Your engine should run fine with year-old gasoline. What I’d do: When the tank is low, add a can or two of Sea Foam or Marine PRO and run the engine for about 10 minutes to get the cleaning concentration working through the carburetor and upper engine, then shut off.  Then add two gallons of fresh gas and operate as normal until you need more fuel. The high concentration in fuel will work fast to clean the old gum and varnish from the carburetor circuits. The engine should run noticeably better as you continue to work through the fuel! Hope this helps!