Benefits of Sea Foam in fuel vs oil [SOLVED]

What’s the difference between putting Sea Foam Motor Treatment in the fuel tank and in my oil?

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Jim D.
1 year ago

Good question, Jeremy.

Here are the benefits of using it in fuel and the benefits of using it in oil:

In fuel, Sea Foam cleans and lubricates critical engine areas. A lot of common engine problems (rough idle, loss of power, etc.) are often caused by residues and deposits. Sea Foam cleans residues and deposits and helps prevent or overcome the problems they causes.

In oil, Sea Foam cleans harmful residues and deposits that can restrict oil flow and engine lubrication.

In either one, Sea Foam will help keep things clean so your engine runs better and lasts longer.

Here’s a helpful video for how to use Sea Foam High Mileage in fuel and oil (it’s the same process as Sea Foam Motor Treatment):

Hope that helps!