Can I add small amounts of Sea Foam to oil here and there? [SOLVED]

Is it ok if I just add a little splash of Sea Foam Motor Treatment to the oil here and there? Love this product!!!!!

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Jim D.
Jim D.
10 months ago

Thanks for the question, Ashton, and glad it’s been helpful!

Here’s what we recommend for adding Sea Foam Motor Treatment to the oil:

When you are about 100-300 miles from your next oil change, add 1 oz of Sea Foam per quart of oil. Do not use more than that per oil change interval. That will give it time to circulate and clean. It will clean the entire time it is in there, so it’s better to add the full amount (1 oz of Sea Foam per quart of oil) at one time. Sea Foam Motor Treatment will reliquify heavier sludge and oil deposits so the crud can drain away when you change your oil.

Hope that helps!