Can I mix Sea Foam with a fuel stabilizer in my fuel? [SOLVED]

I just bought a bottle of Sea Foam Marine PRO and look forward to using it. My bass boat is in winter storage and I used the right amount of fuel stabilizer to take care of it. The motor is a Mercury Optimax 175.

Can I use Sea Foam even though the fuel has stabilizer in it or should I wait until I use up this tank of gas and fill up again? Thanks for your advice and guidance.

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Jim D.
Jim D.
3 years ago

Thanks for the question Mike. I think your question is whether it’s OK to combine Marine PRO and the fuel stabilizer that’s currently mixed in your tank. If so, it’s fine to combine! What I would do: When ¬†using Marine PRO I would always favor adding a whole can when the tank is low and run the engine at least 20 minutes before adding fuel, particularly at the beginning of the running season. Adding to a low tank will create a greater concentration for cleaning your Opti’s fuel injectors.