Can I run Sea Foam in the oil for 2,000 miles? [SOLVED]

When putting Sea Foam Motor Treatment in motor oil crankcase , can I run it in the engine for over 2,000 miles before changing the motor oil? Will leaving it in there damage the engine?? It’s a 2006 Toyota Tacoma with 97,823 miles.

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Jim D.
Jim D.
1 year ago

Sea Foam Motor Treatment won’t harm anything in the oil crankcase – you can safely leave it in there for the life of the oil. However, we recommend adding it 100-300 miles before your next oil change. That way all the residues that are reliquefied by the Sea Foam can be drained away with the dirty oil. Again, the Sea Foam is safe to leave in there for the oil interval – just keep an eye on oil color and change it if it gets dirty.