Can I use Trans tune with another transmission additive? [SOLVED]

I would first like to say that both Sea Foam and Trans Tune have helped me with restoring the function of my 90s Isuzu SUV. After sitting for 3 years it had major valve noise from sticking lifters, which the Sea Foam cleared up quickly. It also had flaring RPM between shifts caused by gummed up shift pistons, which was fixed by Trans Tune.

Is there any reason to hesitate using Trans Tune with another transmission additive, such as Lucasoil Transmission Fix or Lubegard? I will not be mixing them directly, however I will be adding Trans Tune as a leave-in cleaner because the shift flaring is starting to return, and later adding Lucas to take up any minor slippage that may occur and as a viscosity modifier.


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Jim D.
Jim D.
3 years ago

Thanks for the question Jacob. Trans Tune can be combined with other transmission fluid additives.