Can you put Sea Foam in your vehicle after the recommended oil change date? [SOLVED]

Hello. I just bought a 2009 TDI Jetta with 68k miles. The previous owner had gone 3k past the 9k oil change recommended by VW. Should I add Sea Foam Motor Treatment and run it the recommended 100-300 miles before changing the oil? Also, the current oil level is as high as recommended so I am wondering if I should just add the Sea Foam or drain a little oil first? Cheers.

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Jim D.
4 years ago

Great questions Vic. 2 answers: 1. I think I understand your question and say yes, but no need to run longer than 100 miles. 2. There should be no need to alter the oil volume. Just eyeball half a can through your Jetta’s oil filler cap and you’re good to go!

Review: Add half a can to the oil crankcase, then drive 100 miles, then replace the oil and filter.