Cleaning intake valves in a GDI engine with Sea Foam Spray [SOVLED]

I own my first direct injection car. I have read that detergents in gasoline do not keep intake valves clean. If the fuel is injected right into the cylinders there is no fuel to wash over the intake valves like in other fuel injected cars. These GDI cars have been shown to have carbon buildup quickly. Is there a way Sea Foam can help keep valves in a GDI engine clean?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
4 years ago

Great question James. Though Sea Foam is not a detergent (it’s a petroleum cleaner), it will only go where the fuel goes (through the fuel injectors), so never goes near the intake valves in a GDI engine. The good news it that you can use Sea Foam Spray, which is applied through the throttle body and follows the intake air to clean the intake valves and chamber areas. Check out Sea Foam Spray to help keep your GDI (gasoline direct injection) intake valves clean from harmful deposit buildup!