Could Sea Foam Spray foul spark plugs? [SOLVED]

Hello. I recently used a can of Sea Foam in my gas tank and a can of the Sea Foam spray in the throttle body of my 2001 Dodge Ram Van 3500. After application and letting the cleaner hot soak for 15 minutes, I started the engine. I was surprised that no smoke came out of the tailpipe as other people have said. I then drove the vehicle and there is a severe loss of power. I drove it for about 10 miles and it hasn’t yet returned to normal operation. The loss of power is so bad that I cannot even reach highway speeds. Do you have any ideas on what might be the cause or suggestions for me to try? Could it have fouled up spark plugs or o2 sensors? Or other sensors? I do not yet have any new diagnostic trouble codes triggered. Thanks for your help.

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Jim D.
Jim D.
2 years ago

Thanks for the message, Logan. Based on your description I’d say that you’re experiencing fouled plugs. Fouling plugs with Sea Foam Spray typically happens when the engine RPM lets down or is too low at any point while spraying, or, if the intake is not hot enough when you start the application. First thing to do is pull the plugs to see if any are fouled.