Using Sea Foam Spray in a 2-stroke engine [SOLVED]

Can you use Sea Foam Spray on a 2-stroke outboard engine?

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Jim D.
2 years ago

Hi Tim. Yes, you can use Sea Foam Spray to clean or fog a 2-stroke upper engine. If the engine has a carburetor, spray into the throat while the engine is running. If fuel-injected, spray into the throttle plate opening when running. Note that it works better to add a high concentration of Sea Foam or Marine PRO to a low amount of fuel to achieve the same outcome. A lot easier anyway, and keep in mind that a 2-stroke does not have intake valves, so less critical.  The high concentration mix option also allows you to clean the carburetors/fuel injectors, plus can operate on the water under higher RPM and under engine load (cleans better).