Do I have to drain 16 oz of transmission fluid before adding Trans Tune? [SOLVED]

Do I need to drain 16 oz of transmission fluid before I add a 16 oz can of Sea Foam Trans Tune so I do not go over the manufacture transmission fluid capacity limit? Or can I add it without draining? I drive a 2008 Honda Civic EX coupe with 215,000 miles.

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Jim D.
2 years ago

Good question, Ryan. Bring the vehicle up to operating temperature, and double check the fluid level. As long as it’s not overfilled, you can go ahead and add the Trans Tune without draining any transmission fluid. There’s plenty of capacity for 16 oz. of Trans Tune in your Honda Civic.

1 year ago

Can I add Trans Tune if my Volvo V70 isn’t low on fluid?

9 months ago

Hello, can I add Trans Tune to a 2006 Ford Explorer that is currently at required ATF level? And can this product be filled from the fill hole on the pan? There isn’t a dipstick on these transmissions.