Does Sea Foam Motor Treatment stabilize fuel? [SOLVED]

Good Day! Two questions:
(1) Can I use Sea Foam as a replacement for Sta-bil (fuel stabilizer)? I understand the website says it will help prolong the life of fuel with ethanol – is is a fair replacement? Should I use both?
(2) If I have a 22 gallon fuel tank on my car how much Sea Foam should I add to a tank of gas? How regularly should I add Sea Foam to my fuel?

Thanks a ton!


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Jim D.
Jim D.
3 years ago

Hi Matt. Answers: (1) Yes, Sea Foam is excellent for stabilizing stored fuel – no need to use another stabilizer product. (2) As the can instructs, add one ounce per gallon (22 ounces) for stabilizing fuel or as a general maintenance dosage. If a cleaning concentration is needed, add at least 2 or more ounces per gallon. Cleaning tip: Wait until tank is lower, then add a whole can and drive at least 20 miles with the higher concentration. Adding to a lower amount of fuel gets you more ‘bang’ for your buck.