High Mileage for a vehicle with less than 75,000 miles [SOLVED]

I have a 2011 Ford Edge with 71,000 miles. Should I use the regular Sea Foam Motor Treatment or High Mileage?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
1 year ago

Good question, Joe.

Either one would work!

I’d go with the High Mileage. Here’s why:

High Mileage is formulated to clean residues and deposits after years of buildup. It’s a great (strong!) cleaner that’s designed to help keep engines on the road for a long time. Starting to use it at 71,000 miles is a good way to prevent fuel-related engine problems.

Whichever one you choose, add a full can to a low tank of gas and drive until almost empty before refueling.

Hope that helps and let us know what you think of it!