How can I use Sea Foam in my lawn tractor that does not start? [SOLVED]

How can I use Sea Foam in my lawn tractor that does not start?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
11 months ago

Good question, George.

First, here’s a good article we posted recently about lawn tractors that won’t start: Fixing a Hard-Starting Lawn Mower.

To use Sea Foam, try these steps, or go to our HOW 2 Instructions sheet:

  1. Pour out or siphon the old fuel from the tank, drain as much fuel from the carburetor and lines as possible.
  2. Add a cleaning dosage of Sea Foam to the empty tank followed by a small amount of fresh fuel (8 oz. of Sea Foam per gallon of fuel). As strong as a 50/50 mixture of Sea Foam and fresh fuel can be used.
  3. With Sea Foam mixed in the tank fuel, crank engine over for 15-20 seconds to draw the fresh fuel and Sea Foam into the carburetor
  4. Then let the engine sit overnight, to allow the Sea Foam to dissolve any fuel residues from the carburetor (Older or excessive gum can require a longer soak. Partly because Sea Foam is harmless, you can soak as long as needed to dissolve stubborn gum formations.)

Once the engine starts, the Sea Foam in the fuel will continue to clean and help restore lost engine performance.