How long should you heat soak an engine with Sea Foam Spray [SOLVED]

I have a 3.8 liter Hyundai GDI engine.

Is it even better to heat soak for more then 10 minutes if you have the time or would that be detrimental?

Thank you!

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Jim D.
Jim D.
4 years ago

That’s a great question John. The key is engine heat! A 10-minute hot soak allows you to maintain upper engine heat so your intake is hot and able to easily burn off the dissolved residue when you’re ready to run again. Allowing the engine to cool too long can require a much longer recovery.

One tip for extending the soak time is to spray half the can (3 minutes),…shut off and hot soak for 10 minutes,….start and apply the second half of the can until empty, then do a second hot soak. That way you’re doubling your hot soak time with one can. Also safe to run two cans in a  sequence if you want to extend the cleaning.