How long to let Sea Foam Spray hot soak [SOLVED]

Can Sea Foam Spray upper engine treatment be left overnight to soak? Instructions say 10 minutes, but I’m wondering if that is a minimum amount. Can I turn the ignition off at 2000 rpm toward the end of the application to ensure ample quantity is soaking the combustion chamber and valves?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
1 year ago

Hey Brett – good question! When it comes to Sea Foam Spray for upper engine cleaning, it’s best to limit the soak for 15 minutes or so because engine heat is important (hot soaking). Letting the engine cool down can cause plugs to foul, requiring removal (a pain). A shorter hot soak time (not letting the engine cool down after an intake cleaning) works better than letting it soak overnight.

There will be plenty of Sea Foam Spray for a hot soak, so you can just shut the engine off as usual.

Hope that helps!

T.J. lavallee
T.J. lavallee
8 months ago

I’ve removed valve covers and soaked cold engines with stuck valves overnight. Sea Foam actually freed the valves in more than five engines with this method so far.