How much Sea Foam for my boat motor? [SOLVED]

I added Sea Foam to a plastic tank with about 5 gallons of premix (2 cycle out board, 115 hp). I will add 10 gallons of fuel before taking it to the lake. Are there any issues with that use?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
2 years ago

Hi Lee. It seems you added one can of Sea Foam to what will amount to 15 gallons of boat fuel. That will work as a maintenance dosage. For cleaning, you can add a lot of Sea Foam to fuel – the more you add, the better and faster it cleans! One way to use a higher cleaning concentration would be to just use the 5 gallons and run the motor without having to add the 10 gallons.  Using the 5 gallons would be a 3 ounces per gallon cleaning ratio. Hope this makes sense!