How often should I put Sea Foam Motor Treatment in the oil of my Ford F150? [SOLVED]

I used Sea Foam in the oil, then changed oil after 300 miles of driving. Then I added 8 oz of Sea Foam right away to my new oil.  Should I have waited to add it again or is it OK to run it for the full oil interval? My truck is a 2001 Ford F150 5.4L.

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Jim D.
Jim D.
4 years ago

Hi Roy.  No worries!  Even though we recommend adding Sea Foam to oil 100 to 300 miles before changing your oil, it will work fine to have it in your oil for as long as the oil will last before your next oil and filter change. There’s no wrong time to add it to oil, it’s just that adding toward the end of the interval works great to liquefy the heavier crankcase residues so they drain easy when replacing oil and filter. Sort of like brushing your teeth – there’s never a bad time of day to clean your teeth, but there are certain times of day that work best.