How often should I use Sea Foam Spray to clean carbon buildup? [SOLVED]

If I use Sea Foam Spray, how often do you recommend a cleaning through the intake? Can Sea Foam Spray be used too often? I am learning about GDI intake valve issues and am concerned about getting too much carbon buildup before it’s too late.


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Jonathan Copeland
Jonathan Copeland
1 year ago

Can you use too much Sea Foam? I added your 5.25 oz.. to my Chevy Sonic, and my Chevy Equinox. Your label recommends adding one bottle for every 15 gallons. And my mechanic suggests every once in awhile use Premium gas. Shell, Mobil, Sunoco.

Conner Kranz
1 year ago

Thanks for the question, Jonathan! As far as adding “too much” Sea Foam to a tank of fuel – no, you can safely add a lot of Sea Foam (or IC5) to fuel. In fact, adding a full can to a low tank (1/4 or less) is a great way to clean an engine.

As far as when to add Sea Foam, we recommend a can in the fuel every 3,000 miles.

Hope that helps and thanks again for the question!