How to clean a carburetor on Mercury 2-stroke engine? [SOLVED]

I want to use Sea Foam to clean the carburetor in my ’80 mercury 70hp 2-stroke. Do I just add Sea Foam straight into the gas or do I still need to include the 2-stroke oil mix?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
3 years ago

Thanks for the question Darryl. Sea Foam does not replace the need for the 2-stroke oil so be sure to add the oil to the fuel as you’d usually do.

1 year ago

I ran two cans of Sea Foam with gas through my Merc 3-cylinder 2-stroke and although it cleared out a lot of fouling, the motor was still misfiring. Remembering that gas to air ratio is 1:15, I realized that choking each carb individually would give me 15 times more “solvent” through the carbs without stalling (as full-choking all three would). Revved it up to 2500 RPM and held a cardboard square in front of each intake separately for 10 seconds each.
Presto! Running smooth.