How to clean a dirt bike carburetor [SOLVED]

My son has a 2004 KX65 dirt bike. Any tips for using Sea Foam in fuel to clean the carburetor? How much I should use?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
3 years ago

Thanks for the question Bobby. Try this for cleaning varnish from the carburetor: Add a whole can of Sea Foam when the tank is less than a gallon, then run the motorcycle for 5 minutes to draw the Sea Foam concentration through the carburetor circuits. Then shut off the engine and let it sit at least overnight to soak. When ready to run again, add a gallon or so of fresh fuel and let the engine idle again for 5 minutes to pull new fuel into the carburetor passageways, then take if for a spin. Keep in mind that the remaining Sea Foam in the fuel will continue to clean as you work through the tank. You should notice favorable results (start, idle, throttle response) as you go!