How to clean a gummed up gasoline carburetor on a Mercury [SOLVED]

I plan to use Sea Foam to clean the carburetor of a 6HP Mercury two-stroke outboard that won’t start. I want to be clear about the ratio of Sea Foam to new gas to put in the tank after draining the fuel tank and carburetor bowls – am I correct to say that the instructions in Sea Foam website download “HOW TO CLEAN A GUMMED UP GASOLINE CARBURETOR” mean 4 oz of Sea Foam to 8 oz fresh gas as the mixture to put in the tank and then prime and rope pull or crank the engine to get into the carb so it can soak? Thanks!

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Jim D.
4 years ago

Hi Andrew. Yes, you are understanding the ratio correctly. After you allow the Sea Foam concentration to soak in the carburetor circuits you can add the remaining 3/4 can of Sea Foam into the fuel when you fill the tank. That way Sea Foam can continue to work after you’ve soaked and cleaned the carburetor passageways. Hope this is helpful!