How to get your engine to run smoothly if it has been sitting for a year [SOLVED]

I recently bought a used vehicle for my daughter. Seems the car has been sitting for years. I’ve done a complete tune up, with exception to the fuel filter. I haven’t changed it yet. Anyway, it will start and run but after about 5 minutes of driving, it fights to stay running. What would be your suggestion to help this issue?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
3 years ago

Thanks for the question Les. I would replace the fuel filter right away. From there add half a can of Sea Foam High Mileage to the oil crankcase, then a couple more cans to a low tank of fuel. Once you get the idle/stall problem figured out, do a Sea Foam Spray treatment through the throttle body. None of this means that High Mileage is the answer to the rough-running engine, it’s just that the combination of treatments will work great to help get the fuel and oil systems working better.