How to prep an outboard for storage with Sea Foam [SOLVED]

I want to deep clean my 35hp two stoke Evinrude and prep it for storage. I was wanting to add the spray in the spark plug openings. My question is should I run the motor for a bit after the 3 days to flush out any loosened deposits then put another blast in to store? Or can I just let it set till spring as is?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
3 years ago

Thanks for the question Philip. Because your outboard has a carburetor, you can clean and lubricate the intake and upper and lower areas of the engine by adding Sea Foam (or better, Marine PRO) to the fuel. What I’d do to prep for storage: With a low tank of fuel add a can or two and run the engine for 10 minutes to allow the higher treatment concentration to work through the carburetor circuits. When done running, remove the plugs and shoot a long burst of Sea foam Spray or Deep Creep into the cylinder cavities through the spark plug holes. Put the plugs back in and put the boat away until spring. There’s no need to be concerned about any residue or deposits that need to be flushed out.

anthony portell
anthony portell
2 years ago

It is really helpful for beginners. Great work!