How to use Bugs-B-Gone to clean a truck [SOLVED]

I want to clean some really tough bugs off the hood of my truck. What should I know before using Bugs-B-Gone?


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Jim D.
Jim D.
4 years ago

Hi Andy! Bugs-B-Gone will work GREAT for that! First make sure you’re spraying it onto a cool, dry surface away from direct, hot sun. Then let it soak for at least 2 minutes. Since Bugs-B-Gone is water-activated, make sure to use water when wiping down your truck. That’s it!


Check out this video for easy instructions:


Bugs-B-Gone loosens and removes stubborn organic crud by breaking its bond on a surface. It safely cleans chrome, paint, windshields, mirrors, plastics, gel coats, metal and wheels. Bugs-B-Gone is fast, effective, and leaves no film or haze.