How to use Sea Foam in a pressure washer that won’t run [SOLVED]

I have a Proforce household pressure washer with a 4-stroke gas engine that won’t start. Last ran 3 years ago. Have not tried to start it since. Purchased new and ran great. Please provide cleaning instructions.

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Jim D.
Jim D.
1 year ago

Hi Deane. What I’d do: 1) Remove the fuel. 2) Add one part Sea Foam to 3 or 4 parts fresh gasoline (1/3rd can and a pint of gas would work great). 3) Remove the spark plug and crank the engine for several seconds to pull the Sea Foam and gas mixture through the carburetor circuits (10 rope pulls or 5 electric start cranks). 4) Put the spark plug back in and let the engine sit for a day or two (or longer is fine). 5) Start the engine. Once the engine starts, let the engine run for several minutes as Sea Foam will continue to clean, then add more fresh fuel as needed.

That summarizes how to overcome a gummed-up carburetor. Your pressure washer’s carburetor is vented to the atmosphere, so while it goes unused, the lighter layers of fuel in the carburetor circuits evaporates and the heavier layers form sticky gum and varnish that will restrict fuel passageways. Sea Foam works to quickly reliquefy the heavy gum/varnish back into the fuel so everything clears up inside the carburetor! Going forward, always run Sea Foam in your small engine fuel systems to stabilize the fuel (prevent gum and varnish formation). Hope this helps!