Is Sea Foam safe for engine gaskets? [SOLVED]

Just added 6.5 oz Sea Foam to 6.5 quarts of oil in 2003 Toyota Tundra. First time. Guy at parts shop sounded the alarm, saying it will “cut” oil and cause poor lubrication.” Told story about customer who came in with oil “pouring out the main seal” because Sea Foam “ate” the gaskets. I researched Sea Foam fairly well and only saw a couple tales like this, but I just want to be certain that my old reliable farm truck engine won’t be damaged. I know, I know, the guy was probably a little bit histrionic, but I just want to be very, extremely, totally sure it’s ok. Thank you very much for your understanding and reassurance.

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Jim D.
Jim D.
2 years ago

Hi John,

Thanks for checking in!

I think histrionic says it all here – “seeking attention, talking dramatically with strong opinions, and is easily influenced…” (I had to look up “histrionic” – I think we know that guy Mayo Clinic is describing with that definition!).

There’s absolutely nothing to worry about concerning Sea Foam and engine gaskets in your farm truck. Sea Foam is made from 100% safe petroleum ingredients that can’t harm a gasket or any other engine part. So you can keep using it in your oil and be confident that it will clean deposits and residue.