Oil light appeared after oil change – could Sea Foam cause? [SOLVED]

I just had the oil changed on my 2004 Honda Civic.  When I had the oil changed I bought a 20 oz can of Sea Foam, then poured recommended amounts into the gas tank, oil crankcase, and then poured the remainder into the throttle body. Everything was fine after I started the engine, but then my oil light came on and has not shut off. Is this normal, or could I have caused a problem by adding Sea Foam to all three ways of recommended use?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
1 year ago

Thanks for the description, Jeremy. A car or truck’s oil light is to tell you that your oil is low, so check your oil ASAP to find out where you’re at on oil level. [Adding Sea Foam would never cause anything like that – not related.] If you meant to say that a check engine light appeared, the first thing you need to do is get an engine code reading to determine possible causes. Most auto parts stores will do code readings on the spot and provide a printed report that describes what each code represents. Lastly, not sure how/why you’d pour Sea Foam into your Civic’s throttle body. Please check out our web pages on Sea Foam Spray to learn how to clean through the intake/throttle body. Also feel free to ask more questions!