Which Sea Foam product should I use for my outboard? [SOLVED]

Would Sea Foam High Mileage work better than the regular or Marine PRO in a 82 Evinrude 35hp 2-stroke? I usually run a can of regular Sea Foam mixed with 1 gallon of gas (50:1) mix. It helps quite a bit but still a little rough. Was wondering about the High Mileage or a higher concentration of the regular or marine version. Thanks in advance.

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Jim D.
4 years ago

Those are great questions Philip. All three Sea Foam products will work, but best to settle on Marine PRO for an outboard. What I would do/Try this: The next time your boat tank is very  low, add a can or two of Marine PRO and run the boat for at least 15 to 20 minutes to draw the high cleaning concentration through the carburetor circuits. After running, shut it off an let the motor sit and soak for two or three days (or longer is fine) – the soak will reliquefy any varnish restrictions in the carburetor passageways. Run the engine for 10 minutes, then add fresh fuel. Once you start running with the fresh fuel you can stat paying attention to whether the engines starts running smoother.