Sea Foam Bugs-B-Gone is safe to clean gel coat on my camper/RV [SOLVED]

I recently had to resort to extreme measures to remove stuck on bugs from my camper /RV. We live in Florida and Love Bug season can be quite bad at times. After our last trip nothing would get the Love Bugs off our camper’s fiberglass gel coat so I tried using Bugs B Gone. To my amazement it not only removed the bugs, but did a great job cleaning the gel coat! Will Bugs B Gone hurt the gel coat if I continue to use after every trip? Please reply – thanks!

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Jim D.
Jim D.
4 years ago

No worries Joe. ¬†Bugs B Gone is safe on gel coat surfaces! All you need to remember is never apply Bugs B Gone to a hot surface or under direct sunlight…be sure to let is soak and stay wet when applied…it’s water-activated, so requires rinsing away with water or a wet cloth.