Sea Foam for hard shifting and rough idle [SOLVED]

Hello, I own a 2007 Ford Focus. I have 145,000 miles on her now and she is shifting hard and idling seems off. Will Sea Foam Trans Tune for transmissions help solve my car issues?

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Jim D.
Jim D.
1 year ago

Good question, Nasheba.

If the hard shifting is caused by varnish in your transmission system, Sea Foam Trans Tune will help clean it up and smooth out the shifting. It’s a common cause of hard shifting. Trying a can of Trans Tune is usually well worth a shot!

For the rough idle, I’d use Sea Foam High Mileage in your gas tank. Add a full can to a low tank of fuel (1/8 tank or so) and drive until almost empty before refueling. The high concentration does a great job cleaning.

Here’s a more detailed page on rough idle.

Hope that helps!

Betty Davis
Betty Davis
7 months ago

Does Sea Foam help clutch shifting?