Sea Foam for storage – how much in fuel? [SOLVED]

My car has a 17.4 gallon tank. It doesn’t get driven often at all. For the purpose of stabilizing the fuel, is it OK to add one can and store the car with slightly less than a full tank (roughly 16 gallons to keep the 1 ounce per gallon ratio), or is it better to fill the tank up fully? If I do fill up all the way, is it better to put in one can and a splash from another, or is it OK to store the car with two full cans in the tank?

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Jim D.
2 years ago

Hi Zain. You’ll be fine either way… and you seem to have a solid grasp. And whether you need to fill a tank or not can cause a squabble. I like to store engines with a small amount of fuel in the tank, for what it’s worth.