Sea Foam in oil for valve noise [SOLVED]

I have a 2014 Nissian Pather Finder 6 cylinder 102. There is some valve noise. As I am wanting to keep the car and run it 200 thousand miles minimum, I took it to a sports car shop to have it checked over. It got a clean bill of health. To quiet the valve noise they recommended adding Sea Foam Motor Treatment to the oil. I see all the information online is for fuel treatment. Is there an oil treatment? The recommendation was add Sea Foam Motor Treatment to the oil, run 20 miles, get a oil change, and them start using synthetic oil. Is there a different oil treatment? What are your comments on their recommendation? Would Sea Foam Motor Treatment added to the oil as the shop recommended be appropriate?

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Jim D.
1 year ago

Thanks for the question, Harry.


Sea Foam Motor Treatment is formulated for both fuel and oil. It works great in oil to clean residues. If the valve noise is caused by residues or varnish, Sea Foam in the oil will help.


The shop’s recommendation is solid. Here’s what I’d do: add Sea Foam to your oil 100-300 miles before your next oil change. That gives the Sea Foam time to circulate and clean. Then, follow your shop’s recommendation and change the oil.

High Mileage Motor Treatment also works very well for this application.


You might have to do this a few times before you notice a difference, though sometimes the noise goes away quickly. You can stick to your normal oil change schedule and simply add Sea Foam 100-300 miles before you change your oil and it will keep cleaning each time.